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Our classes are planned and delivered according to our focus. Classes are categorised around fitness, grading and sparring, yet customised around each student.  

Make no mistake, you will become fighting fit.

Our Focus

Martial Arts Class in Dorking


Kickboxing is a high-energy martial art that gives your body and mind a boost and will increase your energy levels. You'll be breathing hard and sweating out lots; if your day was tiring - by the end of our session you will feel exhilarated. Find out more about the benefits of Kickboxing.


FKAs fitness focuses on strength, power, agility where we ensure stretching both beginning and end of training, speed conditioning, as well as improving cardiovascular endurance.

Kickboxing Grading - Dorking Kickboxing Club


Working through belts in the grading helps to set goals and allows students to recognise personal accomplishments and motivates them for further progress.

This also allows students to improve form for better performance and reduce injury.

Kickboxing Sparring Club in Dorking


Sparring is a way to gain experience in any martial art as it enables you to try out your technique on an opponent without using full force, away from the pressure of competition.

There is no obligation to spar whatsoever, and some students may be nervous about sparring however after a few classes most students join in.

Join us today.

Kickboxing class for children in Dorking
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