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Freestyle Kickboxing Academy


About Us

Freestyle Kickboxing Academy (FKA) is an independent club which is based at the Priory School, Dorking, Surrey.


Yes we have an illustrious history, having trained multiple British & World champions – displaying phenomenal athleticism, but everyone one of us started
with no experience, doing the best we can, both physically & mentally.

Here at FKA, we are extremely diverse as we welcome anyone whatever their age (3+), gender, or background to any of its 4 weekly training sessions. The clubs' origins are in the early 1980s as Dorking Karate Kai, then in 1993, as Dorking Freestyle Sport Kickboxing (DFSK). We became FKA in 2023 & the classes continue to be family-friendly offering a blend of modern Kickboxing & traditional Karate. Generations of people travel from all around to come to the club for fitness & competitive training.

Whether you're a novice or experienced, pop in anytime. The doors are open to everyone to become part of the FKA family: Meet our team!

Club Principles


Everyone that enters The FKA Dojo, is treated with the same level of respect. As a club we will develop our students' skills and their levels of fitness, in turn, we gain their trust and build their self-esteem, confidence and abilities. We acknowledge everyone has different abilities and strengths. As instructors, we work with our students and improve their performance with time.

Kickboxing Karate Dorking
Dorking Kickboxing & Karate Classes


We enter our dojo with a bow with respect to the environment where we train.  We bow to our teachers and fellow students regardless of ability as a signal for our readiness to focus on the training ahead.


In every class, we improve ourselves by pushing our boundaries, whilst increasing both our physical and mental control. These experiences develop confidence and a sense of determination throughout our lives.


To become a person of honour in Martial Arts are through respecting people for their differences, sharing knowledge, and having strong moral principles and honesty in our dealings.

If you want to know information about equipment, please check our FAQ page.


07852 529028  |

Priory School, West Bank, Dorking, Surrey RH4 3DG


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History of Karate

History of Karate

Karate was created in the 18th century on the island of Okinawa in Japan. At the time, the use of weapons had been prohibited. To respond to possible looting and robberies, people began to seek self-defense techniques in which they only used their own bodies. Karate means “empty hands”. Throughout the history of karate, different masters have developed their own self-defense techniques. Thus, there are numerous styles of Japanese art.

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Although there are different techniques, karate essentially seeks to discipline the body and mind of its practitioners. In the early 20th century, karate became a more widespread martial art.


Around 1920, there was an incentive for it to be taught at Japanese universities, which helped in its popularization. Karate arrived to Britain in 1965, brought by Kanazawa & Enoeda during their JKA world Tour team.


History of Kickboxing

Kickboxing was born in the 70s, in the United States, when traditional karateka were tired of competitions that did not allow full contact, and began to adapt foot and hand protectors so that contacts were allowed, but with little risk of injury.


The competitive modality received the name of “Full Contact Karate”. With time the athletes begin to understand that that modality was actually another type of fight, which had nothing to to do with “Competition Karate”. It then received the name “Full Contact”, which translated much more the spirit of this new sport.

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Dorking Kickboxing and Karate club in Dorking associated with Wako

Dominique Valera, one of the biggest names in World Karate of all time, with more than a thousand victories and several European and world titles, started training the modality in the United States with Bill Wallace and Jeff Smith. On his return to Europe, he restructured the sport, calling it KickBoxing.

WAKO - World Association of Kickboxing Organizations - was founded in 1973 and is the world's largest acronym for this sport, headquartered in more than 135 countries across five continents, with financial and administrative headquarters in Monza, Italy.

We at Freestyle Kickboxing Academy (FKA) are a martial art club proudly associated with Wako.

You can find out more about Wako's policies at

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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17
















​Other than Grading (working your way towards your First-dan Black Belt), Interclub Sparathons (where our friends from other clubs visit us) and competitions (testing our knowledge in the wider world), we became a family of good friends and have several events a year, which don’t always go on social media. These vary from: 

  • Summer & Christmas parties

  • Supporting charitable & voluntary events

  • Parents only occasions

  • Celebrations with students and their families

Our Classes in Dorking

  • Monday  7:00 PM - Family Fitness Class

  • Tuesday  6:30 PM - Juniors Technical 

  • Tuesday  7:30 PM - Seniors Technical 

  • Thursday 6:30 PM - Juniors Fighting 

  • Thursday 7:30 PM - Seniors Fighting 

  • Saturday  9:45 AM – Seniors Academy

  • Saturday  9:45 AM – Juniors Academy

  • Saturday  9:45 AM – Tiger Cubs

  • Saturday 10:00 AM – Ladies' Boxercise

For full details, visit our Classes page or, if you have questions, try our Frequently Asked Questions page or get in touch through our Contact Us page. If you prefer to meet us in person, you are welcome to visit us and watch our sessions in Dorking. 

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