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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kit do I need?
    To try out the club, just wear a t-shirt and joggers, leggings or shorts and we can lend you gloves for the trial sessions. When you join, you will need to own a club t-shirt and black kickboxing trousers. You will be required to purchase your own gloves, pads, trousers, mouth guard etc. All of these can be purchased though the club (at competitive prices) or from outside.
  • Who can join the club?
    Anyone from the age of 4 can! As long as you want to get fit, are keen to learn something new with a great team of instructors and students.
  • What is FKA's structure?
    Our Instructors & Senior students are a combination of students who have trained with the club for years; Parents of students who became instructors; or even working professionally with children. All Senior Instructors are DBS checked, First Aid Qualified, licenced and have completed their Child Safety Certification. In addition, two members of the club are student liaison officers.
  • Who is the club governed by?
    We follow the guidelines set by Their policies can be found here
  • My child may be disruptive, could they join?
    We get asked this question regularly. Each of our students, whatever their age have different approaches to learning, so please drop us a message or pop in and we can discuss how we can accommodate the requirements.
  • Do you have classes for ladies?
    Yes we do! With our Saturday 10AM classes, bring a towel, water, comfortable clothing such as t-shirt and joggers The ladies classes are held in a private area segregated by curtains. So mums (in the ladies classes) and dads (in the Saturday Academy) can train whilst their children do too!
  • How many times can I grade a year?
    We plan to grade 3 times a year. There is a structured syllabus that you have to work through on Tuesday evening. The belts order is White Red Yellow Orange Green Blue Purple Brown Black If you have a belt from another club we can discuss your progression.
  • What age can my child start?
    Our Tiger Cubs Class are for children aged 4-6 years of age. Juniors are 6-12. Seniors are for 12+. You are never too old to start!
  • How do I pay?
    Our students are on monthly direct debits/standing order. Otherwise contact us and we can discuss particular arrangements.
  • Do I have to be fit, flexible or a fighter to join?
    No. Our goal as a club is to improve on everyone’s fitness, flexibility and ability to fight regardless of the experience. If you do not wish to spar, you can focus on fitness and enjoy the club atmosphere. Although sparring is good fun, it is not for everyone and we accept that it might not be for you.
  • What facilities are there?
    The school where FKA train offers free parking at the tennis courts to the rear of the main hall. All we ask is be please be considerate in your parking and is parked at your own risk In addition, there are changing facilities, Dojo i.e. area where we train the 4 matted areas. We use weights, bands, hoops, skipping roles, pads, battle ropes, bags etc.
  • Do you compete as a club?
    We compete both locally, nationally and internationally. If you want to compete, our Thursday class focuses on pad-work, techniques and sparring. You can come to this class even if you don't wish to compete in any of the competitions.
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